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Wheeler Property Management is one of the best places to start your search for an apartment in Burlington and Chittenden County. We manage rentals of apartment buildings, condominums, houses and duplexes.

Check out our listings on Craigs List and discover a wide range of apartments from the comfort and convenience of your computer. All of our current listings are updated regularly with a large percentage of our leases running on the academic calendar with openings in the summer months, so check back often to see if something new has become available.

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Responsive to Needs

"I rented from Wheeler Property Management for 3 years now and have always found Curt Wheeler to be totally responsive and one of the best landlords I've ever had. He truly wants to keep his tenants happy, at least that's been my experience and everyone else in the building that I know of. There's never been a problem."

A Great Person

"Curt is a great landlord and a great person. I rented a property from him for a year, never had any issues. He had a great repair guy Norman, who always helped me out with a repair or property issue right away. Curt is understanding with his tenants and prompt to return calls. My experience with him was positive."

Goes Above & Beyond

"When I flew to Vermont for the first time to rent an apartment from him sight unseen, Curt Wheeler actually picked me up at the airport to save me the taxi fair and took me on a tour of the beautiful waterfront before driving me to my new apartment. I have since recommended his services to many others and will continue to do so."

One of the Best

"Firstly, he keeps the prices of his properties fair. This happens so rarely in Burlington. And, they are lovely apartments; he could price the rent higher and people would pay it! He has always returned my phone calls promptly, and has sent someone to fix problems that occur in my living space, immediately. His apartments foster a really peaceful and respectful atmosphere because he cares about who he rents to. Finding a great landlord, a great apartment, at a very responsible price--that is central--is so hard to find."

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